Welcome to the UTAU tutorials portal! As someone who's been in the UTAU community for 6 years and counting, I thought I would share my knowledge here! I hope you these tutorials useful~

So, before we get into things, what exactly is UTAU? According to Wikipedia, UTAU is a Japanese vocal synthesis program developed by Ameya, and is very similar to VOCALOID in terms of features. The one great thing about UTAU is that you can use it for FREE! Another great thing is that you can make your very own voicebanks to sing songs for you!

If you so happen to be a newface in the UTAU community and you have no idea where to start, then you've come to the right place.

My current to-do things now is to focus on the EX pages, maybe in the summertime HAHA

The Program

  1. Installation
  2. The Interface
  3. Unlocking Shareware UTAU

Cover Making

EX: Cover Making Essentials

  1. A Overview on Covers
  2. Downloading USTs
  3. Creating USTs (OPTIONAL; if you're interested in making USTs, then be my guest)


EX: Voicebank Making Essentials
EX2: Voicebank Recommendation List

  1. Types of Voicebanks