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Oh you want to know how this site started out? Well, to put it all in one sentence, I'll say this:


So yeah that's basically the gist of it


IN ALL SERIOUSNESS THOUGH the full story is just down below. Have fun reading fellas


As a noob, I was always inspired by the UTAU sites I came by around that time, and I wanted to know how these lads came up with them. "How did they make these sites?" was the question that I was so curious about.

Turns out that you didn't need to know a lot of HTML to make a site. One day, when I was visiting a ton of UTAU sites, I stumbled on this one site (this one in particular), and 11 year-old me said, "Wow! I wonder how she made her site to look this good!"

Took me 0.5 seconds to realize that site was made with Weebly, a very popular drag-and-drop website builder.

And so, I decided to make a website for my UTAU voicebanks, so little 11 year-old me, who didn't know the fuck how HTML and CSS worked in general, decided to rely on the good old Weebly website builder. I picked up a really ugly template to start out, but hey! It wouldn't be so bad.

This pretty much marked the start of my website building adventures.

2015 ~ 2018

I say 2015 ~ 2018 because the struggle lasted That Long

I still used Weebly for hosting my site, but then I started to grow dissatisfied with the premade templates provided. So, I thought to myself, "Hey, let's move to Tumblr for more template freedom!"

So I made the move to Tumblr (which I don't use anymore) for getting better templates. Of course they had better templates than what Weebly provided, so I used Tumblr for a good chunk of time.

And that's when my indecisiveness of "What site builder should I use?" started to come around. It was a BIG problem.

I kept switching back to Weebly and then Tumblr because of this tomfoolery, never satisfied with either site builder. Just in case, I stuck to Weebly because that site builder provided enough neccessities for me... for a while. Aside from that, I tried using Wix, but the entire interface was to CONFUSING FOR ME TO BEAR. Other site builders I tried were Wordpress, Moonfruit, FC2, and so on. None of them provided what I wanted.

Later on, I made a Neocities site in May 13, 2017. But 14 year-old me never touched for almost two years because Fuck no! I ain't touching HTML and shit

The suffering went on and on, until 2019 came around...


It was February 2019. The second semester of Grade 11 came in with a Bang, and I had Web Design as one of my classes. Little did I know that I would appreciate this course so much...

Looking back at my abandoned Neocities site, I wondered how much I could do with it if I learned a decent amount of HTML and CSS. I decided to use the Web Design course to my advantage, just so that I can develop my site bit by bit. Maybe with a bit of guidance, I could build the site of my dreams!

A few weeks into the course, I LOVED coding websites. I loved it so much to the point that I could pretty much do any I wanted with HTML and CSS! I even wasted time in class just to code my site, because it was so fun doing so.

And that was when I ended my friendship with Weebly. It's a good five years using it.

Welp, aza, how did your site first look like? *COUGHS* At first, it obviously looked like any Neocities site when they were first created, but after a little bit of fiddling with templates I found online, I incorparated it into my site and viola!

This was the very first iteration of this site, but then I quickly grew too bored of it... It looked pretty bland, so I looked for more cute templates I could get my hands on.

I did find a cute looking template, but unfortunately, I don't have any saved screenshots of what it looked like. I did use the former template from here, so that's the closest you can get to how it looked like, I guess.

Then, I grew dissatisfied with the site's look, as usual. But I also thought, instead of scavenging for more templates, why not modify the current template I had in hand?

A few days later, after much grueling hours to modify the site code, this was the result:

Not too shabby at the very least! It also had a really cool-looking marquee to it. I was really proud of the layout too.

This design in particular stayed for a good two months, and during that time, I barely touched the site at all. Considering that I was too satisfied with the look, yeah...

It was June. In my Web Design course, we were assigned a project to code our own site using blank templates. And I was here like, "Fuck no, I'm not gonna look for another site template and revamp my Neocities site with that shit", but that was not the case, sadly enough.

I literally dug for good blank site templates without myself knowing, and hoo boi, I was in for another site renovation.

So what do you see here? It's the current look the site, in which I am TOTALLY satisfied with after all these grueling months. With all this fancy cursors and different backgrounds each page all within this site, I think I did a swell job at it! Hopefully I'll maintain the look of this site for a long while... as long as I don't go off looking for more site templates.

So yeah! That's pretty much how this site came to be. Were it not for the Web Design course I attended, I think this site would've been empty by now.