First Name: Meteo
Last Name: Junka
Nicknames: Meaty-O
Age: ??? (looks about 13)
Gender: ???
Status: Alive, single
Birthday: May 26
Sexuality: Pansexual
Nationality: ???
Religion: "A religion? Is that a food?"
Likes: Sweets, peace and quiet, hot chocolate, baking, sunny days, learning about the world
Dislikes: Very sour candies, secondhand smoke, thunderstorms, durian

Height: 4'6"
Weight: ???
Body Type: Slightly chubby
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Violet
Blood Type: ???
Skin Complexion: Pale
Clothing Style: Casual
Unique Features: The tentacle-like appendages coming from their back

Occupation: ???
Affiliations: None
Level of Education: ???

Habits: Whistles sometimes
Health Conditions: None
Hobbies: Sleeping, baking

Alignment: Chaotic-Evil
"Dere" Type: Undere
Traits: Bubbly, Pretntious

Meteo is generally known to be an extremely pretentious brat who is aggressive to most people - in a childish way. If you give them a handful of sweets, they seem to calm down, to the point where they are more of a curious individual who clings to others often. They are a bit awkward at times when it comes to learning and adjusting to the human world, often relying on others for help.

Meteo has a habit of using their tentacle appendages to do the most basic tasks instead of their hands, in which they are trying to hide them while adjusting to the human world as a normal civilian.


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HUGE WIP! Come back soon...