First Name: Mario
Last Name: Fuwa
Nicknames: Rio
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Status: Alive, single
Birthday: April 4
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nationality: Japanese
Religion: Roman Catholic
Likes: Cats, coffee, warm showers, tea, sleep, bullet hell games, cooking, F/GO
Dislikes: Homework, normies, people who talk shit about him and his twin sister, crowded places, ZERO, being woken up early in the morning, awkward conversations

Height: 5'8"
Weight: ???
Body Type: Androgynous, slightly muscular (he has a flat ass)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Blood Type: O+
Skin Complexion: Slightly tanned
Clothing Style: Comfy
Unique Features: The patch on his left cheek

Occupation: Barista
Affiliations: None
Level of Education: High school graduate

Habits: Falls asleep easily
Health Conditions: None
Hobbies: Sleeping, reading

Alignment: Neutral-Good (transitions to Chaotic-Evil if he’s possessed by ZERO)
"Dere" Type: Hinedere
Traits: Reserved, gentle, easily embarrassed

A reserved young man, Mario is usually not the outgoing type of person. When it comes to strangers, he will limit his interactions with them at first, but if he seems to like that person, he'll warm up to them.

The more you get to know Mario, he turns out to be very affectionate and gentle. He tends to be the big brother of friends and company, often giving out good advice despite his age. Mario gets flustered sometimes when it comes to his relationships and any related sort of matter.

ZERO, the “other” side of Mario, is something that he keeps a secret to everyone. Should his patch ever come off, ZERO will take over his body, revealing himself to be a monomaniacal killer. In this state, he holds no sympathy for others as he only lusts for blood and nothing else. Mario keeps ZERO sealed within him by wearing a special patch on his left cheek, and doesn't bring up the topic of ZERO often for the sake of his privacy.


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HUGE WIP! Come back soon...