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Hello, visitor #, and welcome to salsa☆collective!

The name's aza, and I've been managing this place for over two years now since May of 2017. If you want to learn more how this site came to be as it is today. just click here. Other than that, you can use the Navigation bar to your left to head over to the other pages.

This site I manage is nothing more than an audiovisual collective of my thoughts, the things I have created, and serves as a distribution site for my UTAU voicebanks.

Please take the time to browse around, and thanks so much for visiting~

This site will always be prone to updates, by the way. Just be on the lookout for that...

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My brain is too smooth to make this "Things of the Day" CROE !! This is just some stuff I found cool I thought I would share and all

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