#7 | 03/09/2020

(Yeah yeah I talked about having one some time ago but I never made a post about it so here goes)

Some of y'all noticed that as you've been visiting my site, there seems to be a broken Discord link. I really apologize if I didn't fix that, because I deleted that server due to personal issues and a lack of motivation. That happened back in October, though I suppose it feels like it happened a day ago. Ah well.

But! Not too long ago, I decided to open another Discord server, but this time, it wasn't a personal one. There's a reason why. With me realizing that managing personal servers aren't my cup of tea, my growing comeback to the UTAU community was also evident (you can find my latest cover on my SoundCloud). I've also noticed that in the UTAU community, there are newfaces popping up left and right, some making it big while some are just starting out. On the other hand, I guess I would consider myself to be a veteran in the UTAU community, and knowing how bad and dramatic the community can get at times, I thought, "How about creating an UTAU-related Discord server where it is a safe and a positive environment?"

And that is how "Ye Olde UTAU Crib" was born. It's a small niche Discord server filled with UTAU users from all nooks and crannies, and it's designed to be a safe space for everyone, and it's completely drama-free. While it may be small, I hope to expand it more in the future...

Without further ado! If you're an UTAU user looking for some Discord servers to join or you're someone who so happens to be interested in UTAU, then click the link here.