#5 | 11/29/2019

Aaaah, it's been a LONG time since I've touched this site! School's been eating me up, as well as several personal issues I had to deal with. At least I'm doing okay, for now.

Because I now have a pretty busy life and all, I may take longer in finishing my projects as a result. My skills in everything have been getting pretty rusty lately, so I've been making use of my free time to work on that. It's rough, but hopefully in the future, I'll have more freedom in doing my own things.

Speaking of that, I'm pretty excited for next year! I've been raving about it since last week but: I'm travelling to Europe. More specifically, Italy, France, the Vatican, Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany. I'm not gonna spoil much more details about, but still, it's exciting for me to visit Europe. Perhaps I when I'm in Europe, I could take some pictures and upload them here, but we'll have to wait. ;)

There's not much I can say for this site, but I'm hoping to flesh out the OC pages in the future. Perhaps I can revamp the showcase page as well, since it's so CRAMPED. Perhaps on the weekends, I can...

That's pretty much it, I guess? Ah, well. I'm not used to writing long blog posts, but hopefully I can chock down some in the future.

On another, note, thank you so much for over 40000+ page views!! I've never expected this many people to visit my site, even though I barely update it. Nevertheless, I'm still glad that my site's receiving a lot of support.