#3 | 08/01/2019

UPDATE: My commissions are now closed because of school and other personal reasons.

My commissions have been closed for quite a while due to school, mental health, and sorts of things, but now that that stuff's been cleared, I am happy to say that my commissions are now open once again!

I spent the past few weeks working on some commission examples since I've adopted a new coloring style, and the fact that I've actually figured how to configure my PayPal correctly. I intended to open commissions back in July but I encountered some unfortunate issues in the process, which were fixed later on. I've been feeling much confident in my work lately, and I'm hoping to use this as an opportunity for me to draw more fanart! ^^

The commissions document can be accessed here, where all the details and options are included. If you don't have enough money yet you still want to support me, you can view my Ko-fi page here!