#2 | 07/08/2019

Hey guys! I'm back at it again with another diary post! I'd like to try posting on my diary ever so often, but sometimes I don't get hit hard with inspiration enough. ^^; But, I'll do my best!

With summer vacation going on, that means I have PLENTY of time to work on my personal projects, with my most prioritized one being... recording new voicebanks for my UTAUs more specifically Maria and Mario Fuwa (Meteo will have to wait). They're my main babies anyway LOL. It's been a year since I released APOCRPYHA and almost a year for TESTAMENT, and recording those two voicebanks took a lot out of me, so I didn't record any new voicebanks for a while. I was pretty deprived of my inspiration late 2018, to say the least.

Fast forward to summer of 2019, and guess what! I was finally hit by inspiration to record voicebanks once again. And this time, I'm not going to outdo myself by recording 10 or more pitches for every single voicebank (it's a little too much when it's a specific append, but fine for a multiexpression). So, I'm resting with recording 3 to 5 pitches depending on the voicebank I'm making, and I'd like to go easy on myself.

What will these voicebanks be for your twins, you may ask? I'll just drop this picture and see for yourself first.

What you see here is new voicebanks in the works: Maria REVERE and Mario ZEPHYR. Both will be 3-pitch VCV voiebanks with calm voices to them. I'm aiming to hit the middle ground in between their core and soft voices so that it gives them that calm voice, even though that'll take me a lot of trial and error to do so. I have currently planned to release these voicebanks in 2020, probably during Spring. It'll be a long wait, but while in their development stages, I am planning on giving out these voicebanks to close friends for testing sometime.

But, is REVERE and ZEPHYR the only voicebanks I'll record this year? Possibly, but if I'm up for it, I could probably go and record a retake of Mario's RANCOUR voicebank - and repurpose it as a V kei style voicebank. That is, if all things go well. Maria will also recieve a new voicebank similar to the retake of RANCOUR, titled ACRIMONY. I just hope that my voice pulls itself through!!

That being said, I might put more priority on my other projects if I get this stuff done first. We'll see how long that'll take throughout the summer. Until then! <3