#1 | 06/24/2019

Welp. This is perhaps the 4th major update to this lovely site, and I hope it'll be the last (for now). As you know, I am never too satisfied with the way my site looks, so I'm always prone to changing its design and such.

And with this new look already set and such, welcome to salsa☆collective V4! Took me half a month to set up the new look, so I hope it was worth the wait. Comes with a new "responsive" theme and all...

This site still remains the same in terms of content, BUT it also comes with new pages! These are...

Some of the pages don't have much stuff in them just yet, but they'll be jam-packed with a lot of content as soon as I work on them. Probably the one page I am most excited to work is the Tutorials page, considering the fact that I want to write a series of tutorials on making an UTAU voicebank.

On another note, what're some other minor changes to this site? To spice things up, I've added custom pages to every page on this site (because I'm a masochist), including their own custom cursors and sparkles!! I love going overboard with tweaking my site, so this is what happened. I've also added another guestbook hosted on Your World of Text, so please check that out if you have the chance.

The Diary page, as you may have noticed, is fully revamped, with the old archive moved out of the way and the new separate articles being introduced (I don't know how the fuck I managed to word that out). Plus, every diary post comes equipped with a Disqus comments section, so you can comment on my posts!! I'm also debating on making categories and perhaps an RSS feed in the future...

That being said, have a nice day, and I hope you guys enjoy the new look of my site!!

P.S. My Discord server can be accessed at your right, I need more peeps!! And I'll be opening commissions soon if you're interested in buying art from me umu

P.S. (2) We're almost at 20,000 views!! Thank you so much guys!!