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New UTAU Voicebank Release


I should've made a post about this yesterday, but hey! It's better late than never LOL.

As you know, I have released Meteo Junka's LACRIMOSA voicebank! It comes equipped with full VCV support and a handful of useful things, such as a alsetto pitch, breaths, and glottals. I hope you enjoy this voicebank~

You can learn more about Meteo here, or you can download their voicebank here.



Hey! I'm just dropping by to say thanks for the enourmous amount of pages views on my site, which is over 10000! This is a really overwhelming number, but the number of hits this site has is perhaps over 20000. I've still yet to rev up this site more LOL because school is absolutely killing my ass.

9000+ page views!! Whoa!!!!


I haven't been updating this site much due to IRL shit going on, but I decided to drop by and...! I've just noticed that my site has broken the 9000 page view milestone, and we're so close to 10000!

Thank you so much for sticking with me around in the site, despite it not being updated that frequently. I have plans to add to this site, with lots of content and all. It might take me a long time to implement those stuff, but the meantime, please be patient!

Happy 4th birthday to my UTAUs!


Hey, it's April 4, and you know what that means! My UTAUs 4th anniversary!

This time around, I have a cover ready for them, in which I'll upload later on SoundCloud today (and on YouTube later on). So this post will be updated with the cover and some anniversary art!

In case you didn't know, the UTAUs I'm talking about are Maria and Mario Fuwa, in which I both manage and voice them! They've been around for five years in terms of conception, and four years in terms of voicebank release. They're also my OCs as well! To learn more about them click here, and for voicebank downloads, click here. Just scroll down until you find the UTAU section, where their voicebank downloads are located.

New stuff!


It's finally spring break! That means I have lots of time to make changes to this site. To be honest, I ABSOLUTELY love working on it, and it helps me polish my HTML skills a lot.

That stuff aside... I've added new content! What's that, you ask?

You'll have to visit a page and see what updates it went through, and I hope you'll like them! ʸ(>⌔<ʸ⑅)▁▂▃▅▆▓▒░✩⃛

SITE stuff aside, I have a week and a few days left until my UTAUs' 4th anniversary, which is on April 4. I'm done tuning the entire song (which I'll not reveal until their anniversary date), but I'll have to go through the struggle of mixing it since there's SO MANY parts... (๑-﹏-๑) But hopefully, I can get everything done on time!

New look, same old site


Never thought about the day I'd give this site yet ANOTHER new look...

I was looking at some sites with the scrollbar thing and I decided to add that to my site! It has a different colour scheme and theme now, but everything else is the same regardless.

Whoa, 4000+ page views...!!


I haven't updated this site in quite a bit due to a busy life, and I come back to see that it has now amassed to 4000+ page views!!

That's a lot for me, to be honest, but thanks so much for your support on this site! I'll be sure to add more things here in the future. Although, I've been having difficulties on what to add to my site (particularly the side bar on the right), so if you have suggestions on what I should add there, please let me know! I'd love to hear what you guys have to say. :D

New site art, perhaps!


Yeah, uh... small layout changes plus a shiny new landing page, in case ya didn't know!! I also have new site art as well, but I might draw more of it, I'm not sure.

Minor changes WHOOPS


Honestly I have this constant need to update my site!! GOD!!! But anyways, I've added a nice site view counter on the sidebar but somehow for me it doesn't even show up. RIP

I've also renamed the Projects page to Showcase since it's more of an appropriate name I guess? Plus, I've made some OC pages on this site, so please check them out if you can!



So yes, I gave this site a new theme since the old one was just a placeholder LEL

I'm tired of working on this site I NEED TO TAKE SOME REST

Looks like the site is finalized!


Aight FELLAS. I got everything for this site done! More to come in the future, and I hope you like what you see here! Feel free to leave a message on my guestbook, just not anything too mean - only positive vibes only!

New site... in the works


Oh hi! This will be the future site for salsa☆collective, since I wanted to move sites (Weebly is slowly not meeting my needs now). It's a WIP, so please bear with me as I update it time to time!