❝im ass shit❞
- aza, 04/20/2019

Welcome to my about page, I guess.

To start things off, my name is aza, and I'm the webmaster of the site you're currently in now. My love for HTML and coding has brought me to create this site circa 2017 to ramble about the things I love.

As some of you guys know, I'm somewhat of an active UTAU user, an artist who draws for fun, and an avid F/GO player who's getting back into the game (while struggling to finish Camelot oops). Of course, I'm mostly known for creating, voicing and managing UTAU voicebanks, Maria and Mario Fuwa, whom I love and cherish with all of my heart. I know it sounds weird, but subconsciously forming an emotional bond with with your voicebanks and/or OCs is another level of mind-boggling shit.

After a lot of self-assessments, I've realized that I am quite the mess. I'm emotionally fragile, I'm pessimistic, I'm envious, I'm a procrastinator who doesn't have enough motivation to finish anything for the most part, I push myself too hard to the point of exhaustion, and I have a hard time perceiving what is genuine love what not is genuine love, whether it's friends or family.

God knows how I got myself into whatever string of events caused me to be the way I am, but with the constant support I am getting from my friends, I'm on the path to improving my overall view on myself, my habits, my skills, and the people I love. I've realized that the path to healing will be full of bumps, obstacles, and setbacks, but as long as I keep on going, it'll be alright, no matter how long it takes. I'm currently working on my issues to become a better person.

Well! With that aside, I will say that I like to get along with anyone I meet (save for a few bad apples). I'm somewhat active on social media, posting my rambling about whatever comes to mind, including art But knowing how social media is, it always feels like a competition to the point where you win you post Popular! Trending! content. It's draining, it's exhausting, and sometimes I just feel like I'm talking to a wall for the most part, partly because I'm not that one person who hops on trends and bandwagons every time it happens. So I just creep back into Discord, chilling in personal servers and that one UTAU server I manage as some form of communication with friends.

I often spend my time using UTAU, drawing, reading RPs and fanfics, binge watching the shit out of mukbang videos, and writing out my stories. Of course, I would do these in my free time, time when I can breathe and relax for once. It seems that I vibe with those who havr similar interests really well, too. Often, this is what leads me to making new friends, haha.

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